Snow and Ice Management

Staff and Customer Safety

From snow plowing to salting, LYNX offers full service Ice and Snow management services. We will walk your site with you to make a plan to respond to all winter weather conditions. Quick relocation of frozen precipitation and follow-up salting is targeted to provide a high-traction surface for your staff and customers. 

Get back to work

We will work to open all employee entrances and walkways as quickly as possible so that you and your staff can get into your building to answer the phones and prepare to re-open immediately following a winter weather event.

Get open for your customers

LYNX will do everything we can to relocate snow into non-parking areas and/or to reduce the impact of piled snow on your customer parking areas. Customers walkways and sidewalks will be shoveled and salted as planned in our pre-season walk-through. Your customers need to get to you and your facility. LYNX is your answer.

LYNX Snow and Ice Management - Your Best Choice for Winter

Contact us now to schedule a time to review your site. We will preview and measure your property and provide you with a complete estimate of needed services and their cost to you. LYNX will prepare a detailed proposal/contract so you know exactly what to expect before the white stuff starts to fall.